Proscene v2.0.3 is out. It should be possible to import it directly from your PDE. Otherwise download it here and extract it to your sketchbook libraries folder.


  1. Many examples have been improved. For instance, those focusing interactivity to a particular Frame from the scene.mouseAgent(), such as Frame.FrameInteraction have been simplified.
  2. The following (missing) functions were added to the Scene: isMouseButtonActionBound(Target target, DOF2Action action), isMouseWheelActionBound(Target target, DOF1Action action) and isMouseClickActionBound(Target target, ClickAction action). The Eye.CadCamera example illustrates them.
  3. The remixlab.bias.agent.profile API has slightly been changed to be unified across all its classes taking the remixlab.bias.agent.profile.Profile base class as a model. Methods holding the old syntax have been marked as deprecated, e.g., KeyboardProfile.shortcut(), KeyboardProfile.isShortcutInUse(), KeyboardProfile.isKeyboardActionBound(); use KeyboardProfile.binding(), KeyboardProfile.isBindingInUse(), KeyboardProfile.isActionBound() respectively, instead.