Proscene v2.0.1 is out. It should be possible to import it directly from your PDE. Otherwise download it here and extract it to your sketchbook libraries folder.


  1. API changes:
    1. remixlab.dandelion.core.Constants.WheelAction has been renamed as remixlab.dandelion.core.Constants.DOF1Action. The former has been marked as deprecated. The change should be reflected in all scene mouse wheel methods.
    2. remixlab.bias.core.EventConstants has been removed. Modifier constant values have been moved to remixlab.bias.core.BogusEvent. Use PApplet.LEFT, PApplet.CENTER and PApplet.RIGHT to refer to mouse buttons.
  2. New example Frame.FrameAPI added. The example illustrates the powerful Frame API used to convert points and vectors along a frame hierarchy.